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West Carrollton High School


Build Season

January - February 2018

About FIRST Power Up


Point Values

Pirate Robotics hosted a local kickoff event in which several teams from the area gathered to watch the live unveiling of the season's game and rules.  

The 2018 FIRST Power Up game consists of two three-

team alliances whose robots must work together to defeat

the boss.  This is done by collecting Power Cubes and placing

them on the Switches and Scale in order for them to be tipped towards the

team's side. Robots can also bring the Power Cubes to its human players through a

window in which the Cubes can then be placed in a vault to activate4d2 Power Ups. Power Ups 

can help an alliance gain points more quickly and include:

  • Force - Alliance gains control of the Switch, Scale, or both for a limited period of time

  • Boost - Doubles the point receiving rate for a limited period of time

  • Levitate - Robot receives a free climb

For the first 15 seconds of the game, all robots run on their own. If a robot crosses the Auto Line during this period, its alliance earns points. During the final 30 seconds of the game, robots who climb the scale at least 12 inches above the ground receive points. The alliance with the most points wins!


January 6, 2018


Point Values

Season Timeline

Kickoff, Build Season, Competitions, Etc.

Pirate Robotics had a busy six week build season. The build and programming teams were in charge of creating the robot while the marketing team prepared for awards and designed the team's t-shirts, buttons, safety manuals, etc. 

After months of hard work, the team finished building the robot and preparing for competition. The robot was built to fulfill the needs of the team's strategy - fill the vault and use the Power Ups.

Miami Valley Regional

February 28 - March 3

After several practice matches, our robot stood out as a strong vault bot. By the end of the qualification matches, team 6032 was in 45th place with a win-loss record of 4 - 5, but we were 2nd place in total vault points.  We were selected as the 7th pick for the playoffs!  Our alliance was team 3777 (Bean City Bots) and team 4085 (Technical Difficulties). Our team did an excellent job filling the vault but our alliance was eliminated during the first round of the playoffs. 
The marketing team did a great job with scouting and showing our Chairman's presentation. According to one judge, the presentation was "Tremendous."  

Pittsburgh Regional

March 21 - March 24

The team had an amazing experience at the Pittsburgh Regional.  After the qualification matches, we were ranked the number one vault bot.  During alliance selections, team 303 (T.E.S.T. team) and team 4027 (Centre County 4H Robotics) chose us for their alliance.  We finished the finals with a 6 - 1 record and won the competition. This qualified us for the 2018 FIRST Championships in Detroit, Michigan. Go Pirates! 


  • We competed in the Curie division.  Although we ended qualifications with a record of 2-8 and an overall ranking of 66, we were ranked third in total vault points (out of 67 teams).  

  • Beyond the statistics and match analysis, attending Worlds was also an opportunity for our team to celebrate everything we have accomplished throughout the season and embrace the values of FIRST.  Our team re-connected with friends such as 4028 (The Beak Squad), 303 (T.E.S.T. team), 302 (The Dragons), and 4027 (Centre County 4-H Robotics).  By the way, 4027 was on our winning alliance in Pittsburgh, and they went on to WIN the World Championship!!!  We were inspired by everything we saw at Worlds and we are energized for next year.  What an exciting event!

Detroit World


April 25 - April 28

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