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West Carrollton High School


About Us

  • Have a blast in the head-­to-­head competitions in the spring, competing against about 50+ teams in front of a crowd of screaming fans.

  • Design, build, program, and test robots based on sound engineering principles.

  • Learn from professional engineering mentors from our community.

  • Use sophisticated hardware and software used by real engineers.

  • Develop strategic problem-­solving, organization, and team-­building skills.

  • Qualify for over $20 million in scholarships

  • It will be the “Hardest fun you’ve ever had!”

Joining The Team

The build team is responsible for designing, building, and testing the robot. Members of this team must contribute to its construction in a safe manner.  The build team meets Monday through Thursday and on Saturdays for the six-week build season January through February.

Any West Carrollton High School student who has a C- average and has an interest in building, programming, event planning, or strategy developing is welcome to apply!  We are also in need of parent volunteers to help by providing lunch during Saturday meetings. As a member of Team 6032 you'll be able to:

Pirate Robotics - Team 6032 - was founded by West Carrollton High School in 2015.  Each year, we compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition


FIRST Robotics blends the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology.  Every year, our team designs, builds, and programs a robot to compete against teams from around the world. Professional mentors volunteer their time to help guide our team.  We also create a team "brand," conduct outreach events, and spread STEM in our community.


FIRST is an international organization designed to engage students of all ages in STEM challenges. The program contains four different programs: Lego League Junior, Lego League, Tech Challenge, and Robotics Competition. Each program challenges students to develop creations - whether it be a Lego Mindstorm or a 120-pound robot - in order to solve tasks. Teams attend competitions and are eligible to win awards.


What is FIRST Robotics?

Team 6032 participates in the Robotics program in which high school students must build a robot capable of completing tasks according to the year's game.

What awards are there?

While there are many awards able to be earned, Team 6032 mainly focuses on the Chairman's award. To apply for the award, the team (specifically the marketing team) must write a multipage essay describing how the team has inspired other students into the world of STEM. During the competition, two team members present the team's accomplishments in front of a group of judges.  The team that wins Chairman's award is invited to the World Championships. Read more about the awards here.


The programming team is responsible for programming the robot to perform certain tasks based on the game requirements. Members are taught how to program on LabView before the beginning of the build season and meet the same days as the build team.

The marketing team is responsible for creating a unique and positive image for the team through creating the robot's pit, hosting outreach events, designing shirts, etc. Members of the marketing team meet two to three times a week during the build season. 




The creation and success of our team would not have been possible without grants and sponsorship from NASA, Dayton Progress, Chapel Electric Co.Reynolds Machinery, South Metro Regional Chamber of Commerce, DMax, and Yaskawa Motoman. In addition to financial support, our students have the opportunity to work with mentors from Dayton Progress, DMax, GE Aviation, and West Carrollton City Schools. We are proud of our students are doing and look forward to our 2019 season.

Our team is divided into three subgroups who each have different roles.

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