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West Carrollton High School


   Here you can watch Team 6032 (blue) participating in the Buckeye Regional Championship in Cleveland in March, 2016. 

Day #1 World Championships 

Team #6032 arrived to Worlds on 4/27 and began setting up their pit area.  The robot was uncrated and reviewed by a FIRST judge (yellow hat).  The judge reviewed the measurements of the robot and the code the robot uses to operate.  Alex Burchett and other team members answered questions from the judge.  

On one side of our pit was Team #5987 from Israel and on the other was Team #6035 from Australia.  

There was a great diversity among the teams (39 countries represented).  


We were able to have one practice round and the robot performed well with the addition of new code and some minor tweaks.

Day #2 World Championships 

After winning their first match, Pirate Robotics competed in their 2nd of 9 matches, partnering with Team 2338 (Oswego, Illinois) and Team 4590 (Kfar Hayorok, Tel-Aviv, Israel)  Video to the right.


We competed in a total of four matches. We won two and lost two.  We made some programming changes and attended the opening ceremony.

Day #3 World Championships 

Team 6032 started the day early with a win in Match 5, following up with a tie in Match 6. Matches 7 & 8 were not a win, but the real problem came at the end of Match 8 when the robot stopped moving.  With less than an hour before their next match, the team worked together to discover and repair the complication with  the right drive train gear box. With minutes to spare, they rolled the robot up to participate with their alliance with New Jersey and Main to WIN Match 9 against Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan.


           Qualifying Rounds Schedule:

     April 28, 2016                (scores)      

     Match 7:      9:12 am (W 94 - 87)

     Match 15:   10:11 am (L 81 - 97) 

     Match 29:    1:49 pm (W95 - 91) 

     Match 42:    3:23 pm (L79 -132)    


     April 29, 2016           

     Match 59:    8:31 am (W 127 - 94)

     Match 75:   10:26 am (T 96 - 96)

     Match 86:   11:46 am (L 100 - 119)

     Match 94:    2:47 pm (L 85 - 90)

     Match 102:  3:43 pm (W 116 - 112)

     Match 114:  5:10 pm (L 86 - 112)

The Pirate Robotics 6032 team had an outstanding performance at  their first robotics competition. After 9 qualifying matches they ranked #12 out of 58 teams. Going into the semifinal selection process they were chosen 4th in the first round draft. Only 24 teams made it to the semifinals and Pirate Robotics 6032 was the only rookie team to advance this far in the competition. 


The Rookie All Star Award is the most distinguished award for a first year team.  This award gave Pirate Robotics 6032 an automatic entry to compete at the FIRST® WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in St. Louis, Missouri from April 27 - 30!

The Pirate Robotics team also received the Heart Award recognizing their hard work and devotion.

Build Season: Getting ready for competition

Buckeye Regional
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